Cultivating Connections™ Fact Sheet

Cultivating Connections™ is a company in Bellingham, WA which manufactures the game and curriculum Branch Out!® and provides consulting services.

Branch Out!® is a game and 12-16 week curriculum designed to promote self discovery and violence prevention for people of all ages.

Branch Out!® is used in a variety of settings such as schools, clubs, hospitals, corporate team trainings, retreat centers, camps, churches, and day-care centers.

Branch Out!® is played with large and small groups with 2 to 35 players at a time.

Branch Out!® was first released in 1997. Because of its positive reception, Molly has developed her own business, Cultivating Connections™, which now manufactures and markets the game on a larger scale.

The whole Branch Out!® kit sells for $499.00 which includes 122 game questions, 12-16 week curriculum, a 48" x 66" cloth playing board, six fabric category modules, 200 fabric leaves, one mouse pad spinner, and a carry-all duffel bag.

Through Branch Out!®, Cultivating Connections™ hopes to empower people of all ages and backgrounds to nurture their own growth and the growth of others, pursue their dreams, and realize potentials.

Cultivating Connections™ has modeled production of Branch Out!® to meet the learning goals of its players. As a result, production is a heartfelt team process where each member is valued for his or her unique contributions. In order to honor each member of the production team, "The Hands Behind Branch Out!®" are displayed on the back of each playing board. Each member of production is represented by having a hand with his or her name screen printed on the back of each game board.

Branch Out!® addresses five areas of development:
  • Empowerment
  • Career awareness
  • Prosocial skills
  • Diversity appreciation
  • Community building.
Players explore their personal branches (facets of self) and roots (foundations of strength).

Branch Out!® questions focus on six areas of social and academic experiences:
  • Home
  • School
  • Favorites
  • Abilities and interests
  • Work
  • Feelings

The general goal of playing Branch Out!® to deepen self-awareness, acknowledgement of abilities, and understanding of others.