Molly J. Foote, M.Ed., NCC

Molly Foote is the CEO of Cultivating Connections™. Her company specializes in developing communication activities for people of all ages. She is the creator of Branch Out!®, an interactive game and curriculum, which is currently being used by educators, counselors, and business professionals throughout the United States and Japan. In addition to distributing Branch Out!®, Molly also provides consulting services.

A school counselor for grades K-12, Molly received her Master's of Education degree at Western Washington University. She is also a National Certified Counselor (NCC) with over ten years of experience in counseling, training, and coaching. She maintains professional memberships with American School Counseling Association, Project Adventure, and the Association for Experiential Education.

Molly has facilitated the playing of Branch Out!® at numerous professional conferences in the United States. She is currently scheduled to present at the following conferences:

In demonstrating her game and curriculum activities, she has empowered players to discover their strengths. Through her guidance, players make personal and interpersonal connections and develop pro-social skills, while celebrating the diversity of those around them.

In response to the game's popularity and positive feedback, Molly is currently manufacturing her second run of Branch Out!®. She lives in Bellingham, Washington.