The Hands Behind Branch Out!®

Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it takes a large crew of enthusiastic and loving people to make a dream take shape. The following are the hearts and hands behind Branch Out!

My Grandma
Whose lap always made me feel safe, and whose love is the foundation of Branch Out!

Sue Hayes, Ph.D.
Western Washington University Professor of School Counseling, mentor, supporter, advisor, and researcher.

Jeff Kraus
Bellingham, WA.
Supplier of Cultivating Connections T-Shirts.

Sarah Benn
Benn Design, Bellingham, WA.
Web site design and production.

Beth Stickley, M.Ed.
Friend, coach, sounding board, co-facilitator, consultant, drummer.

Ernie Milbrandt
Retired IBM Executive, expertise, step-dad, investor, ear, support.

Phyllis Foote-Milbrandt, RN, MA
Licensed Psychologist, mom, friend, ear, supporter, landing place.

Tim Morris
Brother-in-law, engineer, entrepreneur, and production expertise.

Nephew, game tester, and entertainer.
Niece, future game tester, entertainer.

Mary Foote-Morris, MBA
Sister, friend, marketing advice, Business-101 teacher.

Marty Foote, MBA
Brother, friend, encourager, marketing advice, and sounding board.

Heather Bear-Foote, MBA
Sister-in-law, production advice, moral support.

Martha Dearstyne, M.Ed.
Friend, colleague, sounding board, co-facilitator, and provider of constant support and encouragement.

Arleen Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor, mentor, friend, and supporter.

Ilona Westwood, M.S.
Friend, proof reader, mentor, encourager, and family.

Doug Vaupel, M.D.
Expertise in the field of psychiatry, friend, mentor, family.

Carol Ellis, M.Ed.
Expertise in the field of school Counseling, friendship, and encouragement.

Soundings of the Planet, Bellingham, WA.
Producer of Branch Out!® video and music recording.

DeLaHunt Consulting, Bellingham, WA.
Financial management assistance and education on business software.

Mary Rossi, MA
Anthropologist, friend, proofreader, mentor, encourager, and family.

Esther and Ted Eppard
Grandparents and inspiration behind Branch Out!

Clarity International, Deming, WA.
Entrepreneurial coaching and visioning.

Jason Rinne
Graphic design of brochure, Branch Out!® t-shirts, curriculum, and game cards; educator on publishing and design software programs.

Career Kids.

Copy Source, Bellingham, WA.
Printer of Branch Out!® Game Cards and Curricula.

Seattle WA.
Fabric Supplier.

Nola and Mike
Ties That Bind Sewing Co., Ferndale, WA.
Sewer for Branch Out!® games.

Mentor, friend, compass, and inspiration.

ADART, Los Angeles, CA.
Screen printing for Branch Out!® playing board.

Lynden Tribute Print & Publishing Co., Lynden, WA.
Printing of Cultivating Connections letterhead, envelopes, and business cards.

Think-a-Tron Media Labs, Bellingham, WA.
Producer of Branch Out!® facilitators video.

Kate and Autumn
Dulce Design, Seattle, WA.
Cultivating Connections logo design.

Watership Trading Company, Bellingham, WA.
Die cut the leaves for Branch Out!® games.

Sunshine Printing
Bellingham, WA.
Printing Branch Out!® brochures.

Rice Insurance, Bellingham, WA.
Product Insurance

Varner Sytsma & Herndon, Bellingham, WA.
Providing assistance with tax and strategic planning.

Brownlie & Evans, Bellingham, WA.
Business legal advisement.

Phoenix Management Associates, Bellingham, WA.
Provides web site hosting service.

Community Capital and Development, Seattle, WA.
Business development assistance.

Down Home Washington Loan Program, Everett, WA.
Business development assistance.

Todd Hathaway, J.D
Patent and trademark attorney.

Michelle Cummings
Training Wheels, Lafayette, CO.
Distribution of Branch Out!®

Chris Cavert
Fun Doing, Plano, TX.
Distribution of Branch Out!®

Susana Acosta
Spanish Translation of Branch Out!®

Betsy Wilson
Let's Face It, Bellingham, WA.
Networking, support, and encouragement.

William B. Howard, Jr.
Howard Actuarial Services.

Hands behind Branch Out! video music
Jessica, Kim, Beth, Molly, Keith, Larry.

Additional Hands of support and encouragement
Jane, Susan, Kathryn, Ellen H., Cathy, Kevin, LeMoine, Kinetta, Carol K, Bonnie, Pat, Joni, Kris, Jeff, Patty, Amber, Anna, Terri, Cheri, Tobi, Esti, Aaron, Jill, Jodie, Sue, Eugene, Joann, Lin, Doug, Jodi, Dick, Molly, Jesslin, Moriah, Randy, Michelle, Johnny, Brooke, Meg, Danna, Ellen W., Cheryl, Kirke, Heather M., Tim N.