What People Are Saying About Branch Out!

Words From a School Principal
A Testimonial From a School Counseling Professor

Learning® Magazine 11th Annual Teachers’ Choice™ Award Program 2005 Teachers’ Evaluation Comments

"Students relaxed. My impression was that they forgot about being in a class. They quipped and shared a lot before, after, during their own turns at the game. I often observed students reaching out and touching the "playing field." It was clear to see their pleasure at touching something very soft to the hand and catching to the eye. We all had fun - and I especiallly enjoyed it because we all just talked about ourselves very honestly and freely. No one was pushed to be at any level other than their own comfort zone."

"Molly, playing Branch Out! brought out immediately my joy and playful side in a safe place. Thank you for the inspiration!"

"Branch Out! was a fun and engaging game to play; I loved the song and music on the CD."
Lynette S.

"You lifted the spirits of the counselors who all had a fairly challenging year, especially with the fear elements that became very real toward the end of the year. Your activity demonstrated an inclusive strategy that promoted student to student sharing and encouragement. In my estimation, Branch Out! is not only effective; it is unique in the field. The way you have structured this activity, it can be adapted to suit the needs of any school population."
Susanna Hayes, Ph.D., Assistant Director of School Counseling, Western Washington University

"I would be very interested in purchasing 'Branch Out' for my class. With all of the violence taking place in schools, I believe this type of classroom connection assists students in appreciation of diversity and reduces chances of students experiencing the sadness, anger and frustration of being alone or not wanted. The kids loved this lesson!"
Carol Keffeler, M.Ed.. 4th Grade Teacher. Vancouver, WA

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The girls loved it. They want to do it again. There is one girl in particular who did not speak during the sessions (I observed) and when we did this today, she CAME ALIVE! It was amazing! The girls reported feeling 'closer' today than before. Again, Branch Out was a huge success! Thanks Again!"
Johanna Baird, School Counseling Intern, Western Washington University

"The Branch Out game and workshop facilitated by Molly Foote was provokingly symbolic for me! The circle of humanity, which thoughtfully enclosed and gradually nourished a once leafless tree to radiant health, returned my thoughts to my own Lakota Nation. In particular, a spiritual man named Black Elk who, looking toward our future, said the sacred hoop of the people would be mended and the tree of life, in the center, would bloom and blossom, again. I thought this as I added, in turn, a red leaf to our group's budding tree."
Sicangu Lakota, Cultural Consultant

"It was really fun. It was my favorite game! It was really fun to hear everyone's stories─that everybody's different, that you don't have to be all closed up and stuff, and it's ok just to be yourself."
Andrea, grade 7

"It was very fun, gave ideas and techniques to help me and others grow!" "Branch Out! is one of the first games I've participated in that really gives everyone the tools to discover themselves."
Lois Morgan, M.Ed., School Counselor

"We are having lots of fun with Branch Out and our kids request it a lot. It has been a great addition this year."
Carol Ellis, M.Ed., Elementary School Counselor

"I have used the game for grade three with the focus on listening skills. My partner, Naho Kihucki and I have really enjoyed using it. We have plans to use it in 'cultural diversity' context soon."
Kay Melton, M.Ed., School Counselor, American School in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

"Thanks again Molly for being a part of our retreat. Everyone seemed very pleased with having you come and lead us in team building. They really enjoyed the Branch Out game and what we all learned by playing it. The retreat had an uplifting and positive feel to it - giving our team some renewed energy."
Susan Bullerdick, Ph.D., Casey Family Programs

"Hi, my name is Beth Stickley and I am an educational consultant who frequently does trainings with adults. Last summer I used Branch Out in a training with educational assistants at Western Washington University. I had previous success using the game with kids and was extremely pleased to see it worked as well with adults. The game does a wonderful job facilitating communication and connection among the people playing. Thank you for this tool. The following is feedback I received recently from the conference coordinator at Western Washington University. 'I was wondering if you'd like to talk again this summer at our summer institute. I thought that your opening with the tree activity was great!!! I was wondering if you'd like to do it again."
Beth Stickley, M.Ed., Educational Consultant

"Branch Out is such a marvelous game! We will order one for the Center soon."
Phillip Bosserman, Ph.D., Interim Executive Director, Center for Conflict Resolution, Inc.

"Molly, thank you so much for the fabulous game! I returned from our mid-winter break to a wonderful surprise-the box had arrived! It was just in time too, as I took the game to our health teacher training yesterday and showed it off."
Lisa Love, M.Ed., Secondary School Health Curriculum Specialist, Seattle Schools

"I would like to thank you for helping us with the Branch Out game on Monday. I played it with my other two classes and it went well. I see plenty of discussion and introspection items to be used from the game."
Frank Pitsch, M.Ed., Middle School Teacher, Mt. Baker Middle School

"Molly, it was great connecting with you! Your work can do so much for our communities, thank you. It's always exciting to be introduced to concepts which can have such a universal impact."
Gary Franklin, M.Ed.,Executive Director of Bara's Rainforest Adventure

"That game has got to be in stores─that is the best game because it teaches you about your feelings and helps you to figure out what you want to do with your life."
Apryl, 8th Grade

"Branch Out was a fun and engaging game to play and I loved the song and music on the CD."
Kynette S., Clarity International training

"Thanks so much for sharing your fun game with us! I loved remembering my favorite teacher and hearing about other people's teacher memories. The kid in me thanks you!!"
Deborah M.

"Great inspiration to discovering dreams. I really enjoyed the creativity and joy of playing Branch Out!"
Lisa H.

"Very interactive J! By far the best presentation I have attended. Molly was very dynamic and incorporated her knowledge with activities that allowed us to understand her concepts. I enjoyed Molly's exercise because it allowed me to experience what my students would experience if they did it. Molly was awesome!!"

"Thank you so much for coming all the way down to our facilitator training. You (and you Branch Out! game) are fabulous! We all really enjoyed playing - as a matter of fact, the game is checked out through the end of the year!"

"Your work to increase diversity and communication is among the best I've seen yet."

"Thank you for the motivating presentation. You inspired me to bring out the teacher in me I used to be and create activities for adults."

"Awesome! Thank you for some wonderful techniques I can take back to my center and train both students and staff!"

"Great workshop! Fun! Real "out of the box" activity."

"Very fun and really got me off track and thinking in new ways."

"Thanks so much for sharing your fun game with us! I loved remembering my favorite teacher and hearing about other peoples' teachers memories. The kid in me thanks you! Deborah M."

"Branch Out! is one of the first games I've participated in that really gives everyone the tools to discover themselves. Molly's contagious presentation gives the game great authenticity." Lois M., Counselor

"This is fun, engaging, and innovative."

"Incredibly versatile! Could be used equally effectively with all ages in all kinds of contexts."

"What a great way to get a group bonded. It was a lot of fun."

"I just love this idea/concept. Keep goin!"
John G.

"I was so impressed with how versatile this game is - it works as well with adults as it does with children. It's such a wonderful way to learn new things about people, even ones you already know well."

"It was fun to play. Even though we all know each other pretty well, we still found out stuff we never knew. I liked that it was equally appropriate to adults and kids."

"Thought it was great, beautiful, enjoyable, and useful!"