Words From a School Principal

January 7, 2002

This is a letter of endorsement for the great educational game Branch Out!

My name is Clay McAllester, and I am a principal of Jack. L. Kuban school in the Murphy School District in Phoenix, Arizona. As an educator of 18 years and a principal of an inner-city elementary school, I recognize the importance for children to have ways to express themselves. Further, I understand that, if an educational game is to be beneficial, it has to be practical in size to maintain the participation of a large number of students. Molly's game Branch Out! does both!

I actually played Branch Out!, so I know firsthand how it gives children an opportunity to share their feelings that might otherwise be very difficult talking one-on-one with a counselor, teacher, or parent. Because her game incorporates the senses and provides a variety of learning modalities, all children learn from playing it. The game helps children "discover" themselves, opens up lines of communication with peers, and teaches respect for self and others. Most importantly, Molly's game helps children share their feelings and feel good about doing it.

Children love to play the game because it's fun, but educational games take on an additional benefit for the concepts they teach. When I saw Molly's game, I knew it was an excellent way for children to grow, share, and learn. When Branch Out! is available to the public, I will purchase one for my school and encourage the purchase of the game for all our Phoenix schools in the Murphy District.

Very Truly Yours,

Clay A. McAllester, Ed.S.
Kuban School
Murphy School District No. 21
Phoenix, Arizona

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