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Branch Out! Game Set
BranchOut!® Game Set

BranchOut!® Game Set

Each game set includes:

A fabric game board (dimensions 4' x 5'8")
Six cloth category markers
A leaf game spinner
192 felt leaves
Question cards for six categories
A curriculum guide
Branch Out! facilitation DVD
One carry-all duffel bag
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Branch Out!® Deluxe Game Set
BranchOut!® Deluxe Game Set

BranchOut!® Deluxe Game Set

Maximize your group's Branch Out! experience by combining music making using the Music To Go Kit and by debriefing using the Body Parts Debrief Bag.

The Branch Out! Deluxe Game Set includes:

Donate Branch Out! Click here to find out how to donate a Branch Out!® game and curriculum to a school or organization.

Branch Out! Music to Go Kit
Branch Out!® Music to Go Kit by Jamtown

Branch Out!® Music to Go Kit by Jamtown

Our music kit includes 10 instruments:
  • 1 Drum and 2 sets of Claves from artisans in Indonesia
  • 2 Scrapers/Woodblocks from Vietnam
  • 2 Bells from Guana, Africa
  • 3 shakers
  • A Percussion Activity Guide
  • Simple Rhythm Cards
  • A handy carrying bag
The Percussion Guide
 Let 'The Road To Jamtown' be your guide. Not that you need a guide, because there is no wrong way to play, but this 30 page book covers lots of ideas, stories and activities that help build musical skills, leadership and teamwork in fun and non-competitive ways. The guide includes ten ways to play, tips for successful jamming, how to conduct jams and games you can play with groups of all ages and ability levels.

Simple Rhythm Cards™
The Simple Rhythm Cards are cue cards for basic beats. The cards teach how to play an instrument as part of a group. Aboriginal people from all continents built music from the heartbeat and other the simple sounds that surround us: walking on stones, raindrops dripping, or the tide rising against a shore. Simple Rhythm Cards suggest a beat to repeat in familiar and whimsical phrases, like Tick Tock...Tick Tock..(a two beat) or Step . . .Step . . .Step (a one beat). Twelve rhythm cards and four role cards are included to get everyone into the action

Jamtown distributes rhythm instruments and spreads the beat around the world. They are a Fair trade Federation Member, working to support artisans with fair wages and more.

Branch Out!® T-shirts

Branch Out!® T-shirts

Each shirt has a different BranchOut! question printed on the back. Shirts are a 55%/45% soft hemp/cotton blend. Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Branch Out!® Postcard Set

Branch Out!® Postcard Set

Includes 15 original postcards each featuring a different photo of a child and a Branch Out! question.

Mail to your friends
Use as greeting cards
Display at home
Get people thinking

Body Part Debrief Bag

Body Part Debrief Bag

Developed by Michelle Cummings of Training Wheels, this Body Part Bag will help your group bring out their reactions to the activities of the day. Each ball can represent a different metaphor. Here are some examples of what the different parts can represent.

Heart Name something you felt, or a feeling you experienced.
Brain Tell the group something that you learned.
Stomach What took guts for you to do, or pushed you outside of your comfort zone.
Hand Name something you felt, or a feeling you experienced.
Ear Describe something you heard, or something that was hard to hear.
Eye A vision you had for the group, or something you saw.
Smiley Face Tell the group something that made you smile, or name some positive attributes of yourself or the group.
Comes with 7 body part balls, mesh stuff sack, and directions.

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