The Cultivating Connections Team

Molly J. Foote  M.Ed., NCC

Molly Foote created Branch Out!® and the company Cultivating Connections™ as a result of her work as a school counselor.

A Nationally Certified Counselor and Certified School Counselor, K-12, Molly was working with students and needed a proactive tool that:

  • Could be played with an entire class, K-12
  • Would empower students to nurture their own growth and realize potentials
  • Would help players discover their unique strengths and abilities
  • Would help create a collaborative and empowering classroom environment

Because of her desire for an engaging, proactive tool, she developed the game and curriculum Branch Out!®. The positive response of students and teachers to Branch Out!® fueled Molly's desire to "branch out" herself and become an entrepreneur in addition to being a school counselor. Cultivating Connections™ is the business Molly created to produce and market Branch Out!®. Find out more about Molly Foote.

Maggie Feeney
Mastermind of Multimedia

Maggie is a published writer and award winning video producer. She brings sassy sensibility to Cultivating Connections with her expertise in grant coordination, graphic design, editing, and web development. Her exuberance is contagious.